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Two Scenarios in Which You Should Book Private Swimming Lessons for Your Child

There are several scenarios in which you should book private swimming lessons for your child. Below are some of those situations.

They have different strengths and weaknesses to the other children in the group lessons

If your child has already partaken in a few group lessons with other children and you have noticed that they have very different strengths and weaknesses than the other participants, then it might be best to withdraw them from these lessons and to book ones with a private swimming teacher instead.

If, for example, most or all of the other kids have no difficulty doing the sidestroke but your child finds this really difficult, then the group's teacher might only be able to give your child a minute or two of personalised advice regarding how to do this, as they will need to teach all of the other kids, too. This might mean that your child could take weeks to work out how to do this particular stroke. Likewise, if your child happens to excel at the butterfly stroke but the rest of the children find this impossible, the teacher might have to spend several lessons helping the group with this stroke. During these lessons, your child would not learn anything that they don't already know.

If however, you were to book private lessons for your child, the teacher could dedicate multiple lessons to helping them with a specific technique they find difficult and, when they see that your child has mastered it, could immediately move on to teaching them the next technique, instead of wasting your child's lesson focusing on something your child already excels at.

Your child does other extracurricular activities at the times when group lessons occur

If your child has many interests and loves to do a lot of extracurricular activities, then they might not be able to attend the group lessons that only take place at a certain time every week if these lessons clash with another activity they like to do.

In this situation, private lessons would be the best solution, as most private swimming teachers have flexible schedules and can deliver their lessons at a time that suits their students. For example, if the only time at which your child is free to swim for an hour is before school at 7 am, you should have no trouble finding a teacher who can provide their private lesson at this time. This approach will enable your child to enjoy this activity, without having to sacrifice their other recreational activities that they also like and which might be important for their physical or mental development.

For more information, contact a private swimming lesson instructor today.