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If you don't already love sports, we hope that by the time you have finished checking out our cool new blog, you will at least be slightly more enthusiastic. We will be checking out sports such as fishing, sailing, golf, soccer, and much more. We aren't professional sportspeople but we are pretty damn clued up about all kinds of different recreational and sporting stuff. We have put a lot of effort into this blog so we hope that you enjoy reading the things we have posted here. Please be sure to bookmark this blog so you can come back soon!

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Why Wrestling Is The Perfect Start To Your Child's Athletic Journey

Professional wrestling has long been one of the most popular forms of entertainment with kids in the world. While the sport of wrestling is very different from professional wrestling, it holds much of the same allure: testing your skill against an equally weighted foe. Many parents never consider wrestling for their kids because they are worried it is too dangerous, but in reality, it holds far less risk for some of the more severe trauma on joints than traditional Australian sports do. If you are considering getting your kid started in sports, then there is really no better place to start than wrestling. Here is why. 

Trains Your Body For Future Endeavours 

Even if you don't intend for your child to stay in wrestling for their entire junior career, there is a significant reason why you should enrol them at some point: it will get them very physically fit. Wrestling teaches you important exercises and tests your core, grip strength, stamina, leg and arm strength and strategic prowess on a daily basis. This means that any form of exercising is a form of training for wrestling, and most wrestlers are constantly jogging, working on their muscles and strengthening their core. Not bad habits to teach your child from a young age! 

Is Accessible 

Unlike other sports that require a lot of equipment and dozens of players to adequately train, you can practice many of the techniques you find in wrestling at home! If you have a busy schedule and can't always guarantee that you would be able to take your child to practice, then wrestling is a great sport for you to choose. It also means they can get better a lot faster than with other sports, and that means they will find out sooner whether they like it on their own and if they want to continue. 

Causes Fewer Injuries Than Other Popular Sports 

Wrestling camps and training programs for children have extremely strict rules and regulations on contact and how spars take place. In many cases, children don't properly spar until they are at least teenagers, and even then there is constant monitoring from professionals ready to jump in and stop the fight. In other sports like AFL and rugby, children can get hurt before anyone even realises there is a problem. All it takes is another kid with poor technique and your child could end up with a broken leg or something similar. Wrestling is far more cautious about these things and therefore often safer for children. Go to a session and watch; you will be surprised at the amount of care taken, and it will make you want to sign your kid up straight away.