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Two tips for those building tennis courts in or near busy public areas

When a tennis court construction company has to build a tennis court in or very close to a busy public area, they must take their building site's proximity to this densely occupied space into consideration when creating this recreational amenity. Here are some tips that those carrying out this type of building project should follow.

Take noise levels into consideration when choosing construction materials for the tennis court surface

When a builder in this situation is deciding which materials to use to create the tennis court's surface, they must consider the preferences of those who will be playing sports on this court, the weather conditions of the area where the court will be located, and the level of noise produced by different types of surface materials. Generally speaking, they should opt for a softer court surface, such as artificial grass or carpet, rather than clay or concrete, as the former material will generate less noise when tennis balls bounce off it than the latter will.

This is vital because if the tennis court is near a housing development or some offices and it features a court surface that amplifies the noise produced by any tennis balls that bounce off it, the sounds coming from the court might distract and irritate those who live or work in those buildings, particularly if the tennis court is used throughout the whole day. Whilst a softer tennis court surface will not eliminate all of the sounds made during a game of tennis, it should minimise some of the noise and thus reduce the impact that the creation of this structure has on nearby workers and residents.

Construct the fence as carefully as the tennis court itself

When constructing a tennis court near or in a public area, it must be enclosed by a fence. The builder who creates this fence should give as much thought to this process as they do to the construction of the tennis court itself, as a fence that is unsuitable for this environment could increase the chances of this recreational amenity getting damaged or people getting hurt.

For example, the fence should either feature solid panels with no gaps or, if the fence will be made from chain link, a very fine mesh pattern; this should stop troublemakers who walk by the tennis court from pushing broken glass or hazardous rubbish through the fence and onto the court surface. This, in turn, should ensure that those who play tennis here do not tread on hazardous items that could injure them and should prevent the court's surface from being damaged by this refuse.

The builder should also ensure that they construct an extremely tall fence; this will prevent tennis balls that players accidentally hit towards the fence from going flying over it. Instead, any balls that veer towards the fence will simply bounce off of it and land on the court surface. This is crucial, as a tennis ball flying at high speed through the air could seriously injure any pedestrians it hits and could also crack the windscreen of any vehicle it strikes.

To learn more, contact a tennis court construction contractor.