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Two suggestions to follow if you want to host your wedding reception on your boat

If you have decided to host your wedding reception on your boat, you should take these suggestions on board. 

Get in touch with a business that offers a range of marine services

The first thing you'll need to do is contact a company that offers a variety of marine services and request that they do detailing work on your boat. There are a couple of reasons why you'll need to use this particular marine service.

Firstly, getting the vessel thoroughly cleaned by a boat detailer will ensure that it serves as a sanitary environment in which to serve your wedding guests their food and that its deck is free from any slippery algae (and will, therefore, be safe for them to dance on). Using this boat cleaning service will also mean that the guests' beautiful wedding outfits will not get stained or coated in lots of dirt when they lean against the boat's handrails or its cabin's walls.

Secondly, having some detailing work done on the boat will ensure that it looks its absolute best on this special occasion. This is very important, as the boat will serve as the backdrop for the wedding photos, which you will hopefully treasure for the rest of your life. As such, it is vital that the boat does not have any visible imperfections (like dirty cabin windows or a stained deck) that might taint these images.

Keep the boat's location in mind when choosing your boat decorations  

You will need to keep the boat's location in mind when picking out your boat decorations. For example, you should bear in mind that the decorations could get wet if, for example, a large wave splashes onto the boat. It's worth noting that some waves could still reach the decorated deck, even when the boat is docked in the harbour. As such, you must ensure that any bunting you buy for this occasion is made from vinyl, rather than cardboard, as if water gets onto the latter, it will become soggy and discoloured. Similarly, you must buy waterproof fairy lights, as decorative lights that are not waterproof could break if they get wet.  

Additionally, you should check that any swathes of pretty fabric that you use to decorate the boat rails are tied on tightly, as when the boat moves forward, the breeze may cause any loosely-tied pieces of fabric to fall off and float away.